Water Jet Pack

Calling all thrill seekers

Are you a thrill seeker?  Do you love being out on the water?  Are you looking for a new thrilling adventure?  Look no further than JetLev.  What is JetLev?  It’s short for Jet Levitation.  It’s a water powered jetpack.  Jetlev-Flyer is a patented new product that’s currently made in Germany.  This will bring everyone’s dream of being a superhero flying and soaring above water that much closer to a reality.  It’s the newest in water sports equipment; guaranteed to give even the most daring thrill seeker a new adventure.

The Experience

Want to see it in action?  Take a look at our gallery and watch our amazing videos of this water jetpack in action.  Words cannot even describe the experience of using this water powered jetpack.  You’ll see the excitement in our riders as they experience the thrill of using the JetLev.  It will make you forever look at water sports in a different way.  No longer do you have to be bound to surface the water, but the water jet pack will have you levitating, giving you an exhilarating and exciting feeling like no other water sport before it can.


With Jetlev, you can experience altitudes up to 10m and upwards speeds of 47km/h.  Altitudes and speeds will vary based upon pilot’s weight.  Want to just cruise?  JetLev can give you that steady, easy soaring feeling with duration of 2-3 hours.  Imagine cruising at those altitudes and speeds for up to three hours!  It puts a shadow onto the idea of parasailing.  Relax, enjoy the ride in cruising mode and you’ll experience a new form of rest and relaxation.  In the future, JetLev-Flyer plans designs that will have even greater altitudes and speeds that top the current models speed of 47km/h.  Additionally, these future designs will make the possibility of travel below water in addition to the above water capability that our amazing water powered jetpack currently allows.


The JetLev Flyer JF 250 series has 250 horsepower with a 4 stroke engine.  The JF 220 series is a step down from the JF 25- and has 220 horsepower with a 4 stroke engine as well.  Through the combination of the use of water nozzle reaction force and the 4 stroke engine it creates the stable, controlled flight of the JetLev.

Further Information

Just try the Jet Lev out and you’ll see it’ll be calling you for more.  With its easy to use operation, as well as a high quality training video we provide, you can get started right away using this jet water backpack.  Contact our authorized dealer to purchase the JetLev water jetpack and start jet levitating.  Currently MS Watersports GmbH Germany makes out water power jetpacks available to countries in Northern Africa, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.  Check out our map online to see if you’re in an area where MS Watersports GmbH Germany manufacturer makes it available.  Using a Jet Lev will be an experience you’ll never regret and continually do for days to come.  The freedom and exhilaration you’ll feel will make you glad you decided to purchase the water jetpack JetLev.